While only possessing a limited degree of fame, Admiral Aisyt Mayala is nevertheless a person with an interesting story. Born to a military dynasty on the Rashanta colony world of Rasine Lei, it was no surprise when she entered service with the Rasine Lei fleet, nor was is shocking that she rose rapidly through the ranks. Having become one of the most successful admirals in the Rasine Lei fleet prior to the shift toward commerce raiding, Aisyt Mayala would find herself in high political circles once the nature of the war with Eleti shifted and she was pulled back to command the fleet of the Rasine Lei system itself. It was here, however, that she set herself apart from a galaxy of similar officers.

Instead of using her new found political clout to push herself and her family ever forward, she used her considerable reputation and stored good will to fight specific aspects of the nascent Labor Auction Law(LAL). This won her no favors with the powers that were, and she ultimately lost both the political battle and her position as the commander of the Rasine Lei capital fleet. She was too well connected, and too well respected by the general populace, to be done away with publicly, so she was banished to the Recise IV system to oversee a mere pair of cruisers. To add insult to her effective exile, her job would be to guard the Labor Processing Node in the system, as a constant reminded of her political failure.

Enduring both the political humiliation and a number of follow-up assassination attempts that were foiled by her loyal personal guard, Mayala would refuse to give an inch. While overtly playing the defeated and despairing exile and playing up a reputation for hedonism, she secretly established an underground effort to free hundreds of slaves from the labor processing node. Slaves, in particular Eletheen who were "accidentally" born into the labor system, were supposedly taken for her own amusement then disposed of when she tired of them. Instead, she deprogram these rescued souls and funneled them out of the region of space that both warring factions controlled.

After some years of this clandestine effort, Her fates took yet another turn when the Captain Keral and the combined crews of the Sunny Victory and Albazan staged a raid on the Recise IV Labor Processing Station. She was captured, along with her ship, but was quickly released when her supposed "slaves" revealed the truth of her operations. She went on to defect from the Rasine Lei military and took service as an admiral in the ESN, where she would see additional action with her renamed flagship, the Freedom's Call.

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