Andra Layton is a very rare example of an administrator who achieved some measure of fame. Besides being born on Earth, as is still the case for the vast majority of humanity and therefore not of particular note, very little has ever been discovered about the woman's past. Which, were she an ordinary administrator, even an administrator for the Amaril Corporation, wouldn't be of any particular surprise or importance.

What makes this fact much more remarkable is her position as one of Jack Amaril's personal cadre of exceptional souls, the people he uses routinely on his largest projects. Most such individuals are well known, if not to the public at large, than at least to the various other competing galactic corporations. The single occurrence of one of these individuals being tempted away by a competitor, and that competitor's market value doubling in six months, has made data on any member of this loose nucleus of talent extremely sought after by the various galactic megacorps and think tanks.

Miss Layton's ability to evade the fortune seekers and industrial spies so utterly has made her a minor legend in the business, and raised the estimates of her skill to almost mythical status. Of course, her many successes in leading or managing some of Mr. Amaril's most impressive projects, including both the Chimera and Valkyrie projects, very nearly justifies the hyperbole that has crept into her image.

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