Areina Aerablast is likely the single most recognized member of the Arabuli species. In part, of course, this is on account of her being the current reigning head of the Arabuli people. However, in the past, it was extremely uncommon for the common citizen of the galaxy to even be aware that the famous Arabuli species even had a position resembling that of a monarch. Despite their importance to the galaxy as the primary maintainers of the Ring Transit System, as well as the developers/keepers of mathematical formula's that make the RTS system relatively safe and stable, the Arabuli have historically remained relatively insular, sharing little information about themselves or their culture. Areina Aerablast has changed that. Having made that statement, however, any fair observation of her as a person needs start at the other end of her life, for Areina was a well known figure on the galactic stage long before she took her people's equivalent of a throne.

Miss Aerablast certainly began life with a significant advantage over her peers. Born into the Aerablast main family, she had early access to the very best education the Arabuli hierarchy could provide. Even so, as with all members of the species, any privileged access ended with her entry into adulthood on her first dye-day. Which, in Areina's case, was an event causing much consternation to her people, for Areina's interests and aptitude testing had sent her in a direction no member of them Arabuli nobility had ever gone before.

She was a starship pilot.

Moreover, she was a genuinely exceptional starship pilot, possessing a inborn natural talent seen only once or twice in a given generation. While a part of that talent required substantial technical skills as well, given the overwhelmingly clear nature of her gifts there was no question about what she would do. She would leave the planet. Something that no living member of the nobility had ever done.

The consternation, of course, came from her status as, effectively, a princess of the planet. Given her high aptitudes with business as well as piloting, she was clearly a contender for the head position of the hierarchy, and as such the idea of setting her lose in the galaxy at large with no protection was almost unthinkable. More unthinkable, it would ultimately prove, than sticking to the tradition of providing no un-earned support for a newly adult Arabuli. While she would get no more financial or logistical support than any Arabuli, it was eventually determined to at least send a discrete bodyguard with their princess while she was off the homeworld. Such a bodyguard was found in a gifted military Arabuli, who also tested highly for engineering skills.

This pattern of being a constant exception to the normal expectations would follow Areina through life. Not only did she leave the planet, with her escort, but she immediately chose to serve as a pilot for a series of non-Arabuli exploration concerns out on the rim of known space. With the risky nature of such exploration, Areina's abilities were immediately noticed and she began a swift rise in prominence, becoming independently wealthy on her share of a number of risky ventures in which her piloting skills had been critical to success. She would have little exposure to her own people for some years, until her contacts with various experimental projects put her in service to the Gate to Everywhere project. There, she was recruited to Walter Hamilton's personal team and became one of only five people on that team to survive the detonation of the Gate.

Rather than hurt her career, the failure of the Gate to Everywhere project only pushed her upwards. Events that resulted from the Gate's destruction led to her effectively being apprenticed to a gifted engineer for some months, bringing her mostly under-used technical skills up to match her other gifts. After leaving the project, with a substantial bonus for the danger she had been placed in, Areina finally set out on her own, buying a ship and setting up her company Stellar Fire Enterprises. At first only a company on paper, as it consisted of a single exploration vessel for some years, Areina would eventually build Stellar Fire Enterprises into a massive surveying, mining, and trading company.

It was this success, the creation from whole cloth of a company that legitimately competed in size and earnings with the various Jump-Ring focused traditional Arabuli companies, that would see Areina Aerablast named heir to her father Rellis Aerablast, as the next head of the Arabuli hierarchy.

The transition did not go as smoothly as is normal among the species, however, as Areina had been fairly outspoken over the need for the hierarchy to cease its isolationist tendencies. A number of assassination attempts, foiled in part my the A.I. known as Tim, eventually result in the arrest and execution for treason, of Tegan Aerablast, Areina's older brother. Shortly after those events she ascended to the throne of the Arabuli hierarchy.

Subsequent to her ascension, Stellar Fire Enterprises revealed a new technology, Rift launcher cityships, that catapulted the company to a position as the single largest Arability-controlled corporation in the galaxy. Her position as majority shareholder, and new position as head of the Arabuli people, gave Queen Areina the leverage to gently push her reforms onto the rest of her people. Thankfully, unlike the nobility, the common people of her species took well to the reforms, and have since become a much more common sight in the galaxy at large. All while singing the praises of their current ruler.

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