Elana Amaril, born Elana Ricci, is most famous for being the wife of Jack Amaril, who needs no introduction. Limiting consideration of her person purely to her association with her husband, however, is truly a unfair description or estimation of the woman. While Jack Amaril is unquestionably and undeniably a genius, by any race's standard, Elana Amaril is nearly as responsible for his success as he himself is.

This was not the case when they first met. Elana was nothing more than a personal assistant and bodyguard for Mr. Amaril, and it was only when he began work on the ESV Exploration that things began changing. Amaril had, in reality, bit off more than his relatively small corporation could chew with the project. While funding was never an issue, given the sheer number of lucrative patents Mr. Amaril held, at the time he conceived of the Exploration, the Amaril Corporation had less than five hundred employees. With Jack and his top people hip deep in design and construction of a project that would need thousands of workers, it was Elana Ricci who stepped in and took up the proverbial slack.

By the time of the first light speed trials, Elana had become one of the most critical cogs holding Amaril Corp together, and his greater reliance on her raw talents had drawn them into a closer relationship. In the subsequent massive expansion of Amaril Corp created by successful proof of faster-than-light travel, she would become her boss's nearly constant companion, aiding in nearly every aspect of running the massive monster that the corporation rapidly became.

No one knows how exactly this, eventually, turned to romance for the couple, but they were married shortly after the SLV Nova made first contact with the Aoreli. To this day, Elana Amaril remains the personal assistant to her husband, but a close examination shows her influence in the company is effectively Jack's right hand. Which, considering that she is entirely self-educated in matters of business, is an incredible accomplishment.

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