Erasmus Keral was born on the Rashanta colony world of Rasine Lei, to a family of some considerable affluence. Unfortunately, that affluence was based in interstellar trading prior to the outbreak of the Rasine Lei/Eleti war. During the early war years, the fortunes of his parents declined, and when they were killed in a raid while inspecting one of their shipping concerns Erasmus was left with only a moderate wealth and failing businesses he wasn't interested in. Having largely been estranged from his parents, and being a fairly irrepressible young Rashanta, he liquidated the assets he had gained and invested them in the construction of a state of the art privateer ship.

This ship, eventually christened the Sunny Victory, was destined to become famous. At first this fame was a function of being the most successful privateer in the Rasine Lei fleet, but later the ship became known mostly for the raid on Recise IV and subsequent rescue of thousands of Eletheen slaves. Captain Keral was one of the major players in the planning and execution of that raid, and was honored by the people of Eleti for his part in ending the war.

He is known to be the life mate of the Sunny Victory's marine commander, Naylara Rin. Both still serve aboard the Sunny Victory, which now explores new systems along the edge of known space. They have three children, the oldest of which serves on the ship as an navigator. Their middle child serves as aid to Admiral Mayala of the Eleti Navy, and their youngest attends courses the prestigious Apilntheal University on Treseus.

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