Erond Clayton is the founder and current Executive Director of the galactic children's charity, the Foundation of the Forgotten. He initially founded the organization, with a grant from the Amaril Corporation, at the age of only seventeen. He had previously been involved in the events surrounding the infamous disaster on Trabella Station, having been the leader of a group of children who discovered the sabotage causing said disaster.

It was his experiences with these forgotten children, street kids and poor that had been abandoned by the station's governing body, that led him to create the initial Foundation of the Forgotten. Originally small, the charity has since expanded into the largest of its kind in the galaxy. Its primary purpose is to rescue children from similar situations, and create transparency reports on any galactic or local government that allows such tragedies to occur. While the organization, and Erond as the organization's founder and leader, has been involved in a number of ugly legal battles with species that do not put as high a value of children, generally the Foundation of the Forgotten has become a respected galactic charity.

As for Mr. Clayton himself, he has been married twice, has three children, and currently lives in one of the orbital habitats orbiting Mars. In addition to his ongoing work with his charity, he is an accomplished self-taught engineer and inventor. He is well known for refusing to draw a paycheck for his work with the foundation, and as such it is the royalties for several of his inventions that pays for his family's modest lifestyle. This fact led to his first divorce, but has also saved himself and his charity from a few of the nastier aforementioned lawsuits.

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