Fredrick Saint Claire is considered to be the single most successful archeologist and explorer in recent history. He was also the very first Human to really be recognized as a legitimate contender in those fields by other experts. His exploits have had such great impact on the galaxy at large, that he has become a household name, with numerous books, holo-dramas, and documentaries created to cover his works. While not quite as famous as the likes of Jack Amaril, he is nevertheless among the most respected and recognizable academics and adventurers in the galaxy.

As to how he achieved this, his early career was marked by risky use of the Humanity's Infinity Drive technology to push into previously unbreeched areas of space. These endeavors would lead to finds of considerable import for a number of worlds near the rim of the known galaxy, and the favors earned there would eventually allow him to recruit his most important and infamous partner. It is this partner Vivian Longbridge who would help catapult him from merely successfully to a living legend.

It was after he expended many of his gained favors in order to recruit the infamous thief as his "security expert," that Saint Claire would crack his first big mystery. With her assistance, he was the first person ever able to gain entrance to the Monolith of Verilitin, a challenge that had puzzled the galaxy's best for six centuries. This accomplishment gave him a major boost to his reputation, and the pair would go on to crack a number of major mysteries in the following decades.

Despite the many successes, it is not difficult to pick out his greatest achievement, for it was Fredrick Saint Claire that led not only the first expedition to the famous Transient Planet, but the second as well. While the first expedition led to a number of discoveries, it was the second that secured Saint Claire's position as the most successful explorer of our age. That expedition would travel to the other side of our galaxy, cutting through huge swaths of completely unknown space, and initiating first contact with over a dozen new species. Even decades later, the effects of the expedition are still being felt, as slow technology trades and cultural exchanges occur using the Transient Planet itself as a staging point.

Fredrick Saint Claire himself passed away at the age of ninety seven. He is survived by his ex-wife, four children, and three grandchildren.

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