Irene Flaxwing is the former head of Station 7's engineering department. She is the primary mind behind the massive expansion projects that have been needed in order to keep up with the demands of both tourism, and the galaxy's only embassy for the Imeric Whales. She began her position prior to any such expansions, back when the station was an unknown, failing concern in a relatively remote portion of the galaxy.

Despite all that she has done for the station and embassy, her most famous moments are from the early portion of her career. During the crisis on Station 7 that, eventually, led to the discovery of the means to communication with the Imeric Whales, Irene took command of the station as a whole. Her role in preventing the destruction of the space station, as well as in dealing with the station's then owner, has recently been turned into a galactic blockbuster holovid. Irene herself was consulted on making of the holovid, but it also ultimately resulted in her retirement. Unable to cope with the massive influx of attention from tourists visiting the Imeric Whales, she quietly left the station for an active retirement on Melntoni III.

While she has attempted to avoid the media, it is known that she now helps run a small charity on the planet, alongside another famous engineer, Erine Hart. She has some minor ongoing litigation against her, involving a Rashanta reporter whom she struck with a lit welder.

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