In many ways Jack Amaril is considered not merely a genius, but the genius of the modern era. What results in his being considered so is more than simply his admittedly impressive intellect. It is, by the large, his willingness and ability to follow through with what that intellect produces, usually on a grandiose scale.

For a proper understanding of this, one must look at the complete picture of Jack Amaril. Mr. Amaril comes from a somewhat humble background, the son of a tenured university astrophysics instructor (his mother) and a simple librarian(his father). While there are clear indications that much of his intelligence was shared by his parents, both his raw intellect and his sheer drive to apply that intellect outstripped their abilities from an early age. Thankfully for Humanity in particular, and the galaxy in general, both Robert and Elizabeth Amaril recognized Jack's abilities and withdrew him from traditional schooling. While not particularly wealthy, they managed to acquire exceptional tutors for their son through Elizabeth's university connections, and Jack rapidly blew the roof off the proverbial curve.

With the help of this enhanced education, Jack would file his first three electronics patents by the age of 16, and he struck out on his own with several million in royalties by the age of 17. He very nearly failed, at that point, having been uneducated in the ways of business. However, he proved both his drive and raw talent again when he dug in to master this new area, and spent the better part of five years self-rescuing his fledgling company from near failure and uplifting it to unqualified success.

By this point, his company had primarily become a well known think tank producing impressive new ship engineering technologies, and in one fell stroke the young genius would upset the status quo of the scientific community while inflaming a generation of imaginations to follow him. In recognition of his breakthroughs in astrophysics, quantum mathematics and astronautics he was asked to be the keynote speaker for a major international physics and engineering conference. It was here that he would, in his keynote speech, publicly declare that he knew the secret to faster-than-light travel, and that he would prove it by building a ship capable of FTL.

Few in the scientific community were ready to believe him, and he nearly bankrupted his company a second time building the first iteration of the famous ESV Exploration. Upon actually achieving the supposedly impossible, traveling faster than light and returning intact, the ripples of his actions would overturn dozens of scientific theories. Young scientists began copying him by ignoring the established rules and theories and striking out on their own. While this resulted in a great many failures, the handful of truly groundbreaking results that followed would forever change the way science was approached on Earth, and Jack Amaril had only barely begun his climb to the top.

He would follow his FTL technology breakthrough with involvement in first contact, plantery colonization and terraforming, the half-accidental creation of the first true A.I., dozens of improvements to systems the galaxy over, and the discovery and close observation of a star being born. That he paired all of his discoveries and breakthroughs with a willingness to nurture every talented soul he could find, regardless of age, gender, or race, has resulted in a nearly unparalleled level of notoriety the galaxy over. He is, unquestionably, the single most recognized Human in the galaxy, and will likely remain so until well past his death.

Mr. Amaril is married to Elana Ricci Amaril, with three children and seven grandchildren. While he has numerous homes throughout the galaxy, he primarily lives and travels aboard his frigate-sized yacht the New Horizon. Despite his advanced age, he has refused to fully retire, and continues to chase after supposedly impossible ideas.

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