Kiratalle is a member of the Fligera species who has gained some limited renown due to her involvement with both expeditions to the Transient Planet. A relatively junior member of the security detail that traveled with the first expedition, Kiratalle secured a strong position with the second expedition with both heroic action and intelligent forethought during the first.

During that first expedition, the majority of the expedition crew were captured by the Transient Planet's automated security. Kiratalle and the chief engineer of the team, Henry Harper, were the only two members to escape the detainment suffered by the rest of the crew. Once they discovered the fate of the rest of their people, Kiratalle and Mr. Harper planned and executed a successful operation to recover Vivian Longbridge and Fredrick Saint Claire during a prisoner transfer. Once the two senior members of the expedition had been freed to assist, the rest of their people were soon broken out and the planet's security net mostly taken over.

It was during the panic caused by the planet trying to return to its home system in response to the jailbreaks, that Kiratalle showed the forethought that would help boost her to a senior position with the group. It was she, a lowly junior security officer, who thought to secure data about the mobile planet's regular circuit. For obvious reasons, the expedition leaders had been busy trying to secure their escape, and were subsequently thrilled that she had grabbed the data while they were busy running in a dozen directions at once. She would serve through a number of other adventures with Ms. Longbridge and Saint Claire, before returning to the Transient Planet, this time as second in command of the much larger security force.

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