Lorana "Lore" Reichen is, perhaps, the second most well known human in the galaxy, behind only Jack Amaril. A graduate of the prestigious 6-year program at Calweld Technical Institute at only 21, she was recruited into space service aboard the SLV Nova only a few months after her graduation. While she was already a remarkable young woman, having entered Calweld two years early and finished the six year program in only three years, it was events aboard the Nova that started her rise to fame.

During the very first survey mission of the Nova humanity experienced its first contact with an alien race when it encountered the Terlian, an Aoreli scout ship that had been dispatched to survey a system in which a new Jump Ring had only recently come online. Lorana, a then junior member of the crew, was elevated to fill the spot of Captain Samantha Matterly's first officer.

This position normally didn't exist, as such, in human civilian space vessels of the time, and Lorana was moved into it primarily due to her eidetic memory. Her near-perfect recall had allowed her to absorb the basics of Aoreli language, which Captian Matterly viewed as a critical aid to negotiations. When negotiations were interrupted by an distress signal, and the Nova chose to respond despite the risk involved, Lorana further proved herself invaluable in her ability to absorb new data and organize the rescue efforts.

In the wake of the first contact agreements between the Aoreli and the Amaril Corporation, Jack Amaril himself took notice of Miss Reichen's newly gained familiarity with the Aoreli techbase and, in pure spite of her relative inexperience, put her in charge of a major division of Amaril Corp, charging her with reverse engineering purchased Aoreli technology for human use. Her immense and rapid success in this task, aided and abetted by her younger sister Rana Reichen who was brought in for work on the software components, led to further promotions and, eventually, to Amaril essentially throwing money at her just to see what she'd do with it.

This "choose your own project" method that Mr. Araril used with her produced a number of major improvements to the Ring Transit System, developed new ship systems that would leave humanity in possession of one of the galaxy's most dangerous militaries, and create a revolutionary physical regeneration technology that started out as a hair care product and ended as a way to heal nearly anything short of broken bones in a matter of minutes.

With such widespread success, coupled with those of her mentor Henry Harper and her younger sister Rana Reichen, it is little surprise that news of her name and accomplishments have spread to the far corners of the galaxy.

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