Old Toth, who refuses to tell anyone his full and proper name, is the owner and proprietor of the famous Toth's Bar on Station 7. Originally, this bar was merely the latest of several such hole-in-the-wall bars that Toth had owned on a number of stations and planets near the galactic rim. According to him, he has lost and own several fortunes in those bars, and it was the lost of the last due to a bad bet that found him with a new bar on Station 7.

How much of that is true is unknown, but the fame and value of the current bar most certainly is. Unlike most of his fellow merchants, when the station was almost destroyed by a breeding pod of Imeric Whales, Toth not only stuck around but actually expanded his facilities. This gamble, made based on the speculation of an engineer Toth was familiar with, paid off in spectacular fashion. Toth's has become the single largest tourist attraction in the sector, and one of the most famous space-based tourist attractions in the known galaxy. He has also become much beloved by the Imeric Whales themselves, as his new facilities also cater to their interests in the entertainments of their fellow sentients.

Little is know about Toth's past, his family, or his age. He has shown advancing years, however, and has been semi-retired for the past decade. Despite the fortune his current business has made him, he still enjoys tending bar at random intervals, and has taken to producing several new micro-brands of alcohol that can only be purchased at Toth's.

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