Rana Reichen, younger sister to the famous Lorana Reichen, is best known to the galaxy as a whole as "The Mother of A.I.," a title she shares with Valkyrie, the galaxy's very first (known) true artificial intelligence. Psychically similar to her sister, sharing a similar build, the same blonde hair and sea-blue eyes, Rana went down a slightly different career track than her sister. Where Lorana began her career as an engineer and eventually became a scientist, Rana started as a programmer…and also eventually became a scientist.

Extremely gifted with all manner of computer programming, Rana's first real break came when she helped her sister with the initial adaptation of exchanged Aoreli technologies. Her work in this field caught the eye of Lorana's direct boss, Jack Amaril, and eventually led to her being placed in charge of the programing on the famous Chimera Project. While she technically oversaw the entire project, her primary responsibility was installation and management of the new advanced VIM named Valkyrie. At the time, Rana was the only other person in the galaxy that had fully mastered the new programming language Jack Amaril had created just for the new VIM. When it was later discovered that a combination of random factors and new hardware had resulted in a genuine A.I. being born, Rana fled into hiding with a handful of the Chimera's builders and the new A.I.

Both during that time and after, Rana began making the transition from programmer to scientist as she studied Valkyrie, with the A.I.'s own permission and assistance. She went on to be the lead member of the Valkyrie Project, which eventually managed to create more A.I., and which remains the only lab in the galaxy that knows the secret to doing so. Other results of the project are the current generations of Electronic Warfare and Electronic Counter Measure systems.

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