Samantha Matterly has one of the most impressive records in modern Human history. Already a rising star in the Amaril Corporation, her superb handling of first contact with the Aoreli resulted in Samantha being deeply involved with with the transition of humanity into the galactic community. This, however, would only be the beginning of a long and prestigious career.

Her involvement with the events on Risa Seven, her frequent work with Lorana Reichen, and the part she played in saving the colony of Shien on Ixial VI, would all further her career. In addition to these, and other, heroic high points Ms. Matterly would remain as an in-demand captain for the the diplomatic core. Her work there would play significant roles in a number of treaties, and go a long way to creating the generally positive image most species have of Humanity as a whole. She is, as it were, something of a poster girl for many of Humanity's positive characteristics.

In addition to all of these publicly known works, she is known to have been deeply involved with a number of the Amaril Corporation's more secretive projects, and is suspected of having played a part in still others. The various disappearances she's made from the public eye account for nearly a decade of still undocumented time, and many of the gaps coincide with the introduction of major new systems. The most prominent example of this is the suspicious entry of Fold Drives into the Amaril Corporation scout ships while the ESV Chimera, which contained the only prototype, was still in hiding.

Samantha is now semi-retired, operating her own small shipping concern out of Treseus, alongside three of her children. Further details on her life can be found in a number of authorized biographies and holo-documentaries.

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