Vivian Longbridge is most famous for her work with noted explorer and archeologist Fredrick Saint Claire. She has been a near-constant companion on his various expeditions for some decades, providing immense expertise on physically gaining entry into or onto various sites by bypassing security systems of all technology levels. It is, however, her more infamous past that makes for more scandalous reading.

No one, save Longbridge herself, knows exactly where or when she was born. What is known is that she was the first Human to gain a bounty in galactic space, and she did it in spectacular fashion. Rather than a pedestrian murder, act of piracy, or other similar fare, Vivian Longbridge stole the royal scepter of the Queen of Altcal'ta. Why she did this is currently unknown, though there is some rumor about an insult being at the root of the issue. The nearly priceless historical treasure was ransomed back for several million galactic credits, and Vivian Longbridge gained the first galactic bounty to be placed on a Human.

Over the course of her pre-Saint Claire career, Longbridge would continue to steal items and technologies of great value, often choosing the hardest targets out of some seeming desire for a challenge. Despite her skill she was eventually caught, ironically by a thief after the same target who decided her bounty was easier to get than the new holoart piece both were after. No one knows exactly how Fredrick Saint Claire gained her parole, though it was likely only possible on account of her having no charges of assault or other violence, only grand theft. However he did it, Vivian Longbridge has served loyally as his second in command ever since. Probably, in part, on account of the multiple lifetimes of prison time she still owes if she were to leave his protection.

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