Walter Hamilton is one of the more recognized Human names in the galactic scientific community. While he is nowhere nearly as recognized by the common citizen as someone like Jack Amaril, the ranks of scientists and engineers alike know who he is. While one portion of this fame is more accurately stated as infamy, do to the abject disaster of the Gate to Everywhere project, his other accomplishments tend to balance the accounts.

Of these many accomplishments, the two most prominent are his research into uses of Rift energy for smaller scale application than was attempted with the Gate to Everywhere, and substantial improvements to the Ring Transit System. He owes both of these opportunities to the faith shown in him by Areina Aerblast after the disaster of the events surrounding the Gate to Everywhere and their time spent in the Nowhere Void. For some years after the disaster, he was stuck as effectively a theoretical physicist. During that time he did make a number of discoveries that gained him significant renown, but no one would fund any of this practical projects.

Areina Aerablast changed that after she founded Stellar Fire Enterprises. She hired him on as a consultant for several projects, the most critical of which would eventually lead to the creation of the Rift Launcher city-ship the MV Starlight. Upon her later ascension to throne of her people, Areina would also fund his work into improvements to the Ring Transit System. His research in that area would eventually lead to the largest improvements in range for each Jump Ring in nearly three centuries. His successes in both areas has caused some resurgence of interest in his Gate to Everywhere design, but Hamilton himself has refused to release his work, claiming it is simply too dangerous.

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