The infamous bar known as Everywhere's End is owned by a Fligera who claims to be psychic. As, to date, the owner has escaped the destruction of her bar on no less than 17 occasions, the claim is considered to be of possible merit. Athalee, the owner, has been investigated following 9 of the 17 total bar destructions, but had never once been even partially implicated in the events that destroyed her bar.

There is no known pattern to the destruction, sometimes coming mere weeks after the bar reopens in a new place, and other times the bar lasts nearly a decade. Likewise, virtually no one has ever been killed when the bar is destroyed, and as such the presence of Everywhere's End is met with an odd sort of humorous mixed welcome in the various far-fling corners of the galaxy. Everyone knows the bar will be destroyed, but they also know equally that they are unlikely to be hurt in the process. With good food and better service, spacers and locals alike ultimately can't stay away. There is virtually always a standing betting pool for how long the bar will last in its new location.

On the negative side, the property values directly surrounding the bar always drop, and it was barred from research outposts after the destruction of The Gate to Everywhere. While some may call it superstitious, and the bar is tolerated for tradition and quality if nothing else, even the insurance companies have ceased pretending not to believe the inevitable will happen. Meanwhile, Athalee herself is so well liked that half the betting pool's pot is traditionally donated to the cause of rebuilding the bar in a new location.

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