The kredish pipe is a fairly unique lung-powered wind instrument invented by the Arabuli people. While on first appearance the pipe is merely another rendition of a flute or whistle, a dissection of it's workings will show that the instrument actually contains a series of nested semi-flexible metallic tubes. When played, a skilled user can manipulate these internal tubes to completely change the octave of the pipe's sound by adjusting these tubes via external controls, changing the way air flows through the pipes. Advanced models also have the capacity to lengthen by as much as half again their base length.

The extreme difficulties in playing such an instrument has restricted their use to primarily ceremonial duties, with the pipe's presence being as much an indicator or declaration of the extreme skill (and thus high-hierarchical ranking) of the Arabuli playing the instrument. The high degree of difficulty has also led to very few of these instruments making it off Arabuii, though there are a few notable orchestras that pride themselves on the inclusion of a competent player.

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