Neriola plants are native to the Human colony world of Ixial VI. While their existence was discovered in the initial survey of the planet prior to colonization, their unique nature was unknown until the colony of Shien was halfway through its initial construction. It was when the colony's atmospheric barrier was deployed that a mid-sized neriola plant on the edge of the colony was exposed to massive amounts of energy.

The plants were relatively rare near the colony, and as such the colony had not been aware that neriola plants have the unique property of absorbing all types of energy directed to them. The exposure to the atmospheric barrier created a massive surge of growth which was rapidly made worse by attempts to burn or cut the plant away from the colony. Quick action by Lorana Reichen, who was on planet to establish a new Amaril Corp research station alongside the colony, saw the atmospheric barrier pulled back and the plants temporarily stalled.

Subsequent events would nearly see the colony wiped out, and the mayor of the new colony arrested for use of highly illegal negev thermal mines against the neriola. Not only did the mines not work, they nearly resulted in the destruction of the colony when the plant absorbed their energy. Thankfully, the situation would eventually be resolved by the research station personnel working alongside surviving militia. A plan concocted by Lorana and her mentor Henry Harper, would see a series of additional neriola plants adapted to for use against the original colony-threatening neriola. This technique would later be revised as a source of solar energy collection for the colony.

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