The revelation of the existence of The Nowhere Void was not a quiet thing. Prior to the writing of "The Gate to Everywhere," by Henry Harper, no hint of its existence had leaked out. The failure of the Dr. Hamilton's Ring experiment was well known and often studied but none had been aware of what happened to the scout ship and its crew. It had been known that the ship and crew disappeared for some days, only to reappear damaged and with most of the crew missing or dead. There were many theories about time dilation on account of the Ring explosion, but without information from the crew all had assumed that they experienced no passage of time at all.

The fervor over the information when the story was finally told was galaxy-wide, and there were immediate demands to see the data that had been brought back. The information was provided, albeit somewhat censored by Dr. Hamilton, and all of the other surviving crew have since testified as to the basic accuracy of Mr. Harper's statements. Which, given that one of them is now a Queen, and another a galaxy-renowned physicist, make the story hard to discredit.

A number of attempts have been made over the years since knowledge of the incident became public to return to, identify, or otherwise study the Nowhere Void. Every single attempt has failed. In the best cases, they merely failed to accomplish anything. Sadly, the more typical result has been massive failure and complete destruction of any prototype equipment, with a high percentage also resulting in the deaths of the experimenters.

This fact, particularly given a handful of suspect failures, have given rise to any number of conspiracy theories. These theories range anywhere from the Void not existing, the Arabuli or Dr. Hamilton sabotaging efforts, and right on to the Void actually being the mind of a powerful eldritch horror that doesn't want visitors. The fact that Dr. Hamilton, likely the one person who could reproduce the results of the Gate to Everywhere failure, has refused to reveal even the slightest hint of what he knows, is probably the primary fuel for many of the more ridiculous rumors.

The greater galactic scientific community, on the other hand, seems to think he's probably right in refusing to allow anyone to fool with things so far outside of our understanding. Poking new holes in the galaxy with rift energy no one understands in bad enough, opening the door to a place that is the personification of nonexistence is simply asking for trouble.

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