Toth's bar has become one of the most famous space borne tourist attractions in the galaxy. While Toth's was originally nothing spectacular, merely a comfortable bar with one entire wall dedicated as a viewing window, its status as the best bar on Station 7 placed Toth's on the road to accidental success. When Station 7 became the contact point, the embassy of sorts, for the Imeric Whales, the bar's owner had the foresight to leverage his establishment's reputation with the wave of new visitors. Old Toth, who was and is the owner of Toth's bar, took out significant loans from the new money on the station and radically expanded his bar into the surrounding decks.

What was mostly a comfortable hole-in-the-wall before, albeit one with a reputation for exotic drinks and a good view, became the location for a winning combination of whale viewing, gaming, and dining. While the appointments are indeed grand, and the service excellent, Toth's main claim to fame is the allowance for actual interaction with the Imeric Whales. It was Toth, not the various scientists, who realized that the whales might just be interested in the more common entertainments of sentient races.

From the very first early translation efforts on he set up ways for the immense space-born species to interact with the guests of Toth's. He even went so far as to create verbally commanded gaming units that would allow the whales to play games of chance and strategy via enormous flex-screens mounted on the outside of the station. While no actual credits are wagered in most games, the novelty of playing everything from blackjack and chess to grothika and crossliant with the immense, beautiful, and ancient beings attracts tourists in droves. Thankfully, the whales are generally good natured and largely enjoy the attention. They also have a deep fondness and fascination with the games at Toth's, as their species had never had the means or opportunity to develop such tool-based entertainments.

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