The homeworld of the Arabuli Hierarchy, and thus the Arabuli people, this planet is simultaneously one of the most important and most mysterious planets in the galaxy. While the reigning monarch, Queen Areina Aerablast, has done much to end the insular habits of the Arabuli people, the planet itself still does not encourage tourism. Nor is it a particularly easy place for a tourist to navigate, mostly on account of its native sentients possessing major cultural differences from the galactic average.

Despite its mysteries, what is known about the planet is that it, and its orbiting infrastructure, is home to nearly two thirds of all Jump Ring technology companies galaxy wide, plus a healthy percentage of the actual manufacture of Jump Rings components. Furthermore, it is the Queen's own per-reign company Stellar Fire Enterprises, that holds the galaxy's complete monopoly on Rift Launcher Technology.

In light of these facts, and in consideration of the Arabuli people being the primary maintainers of the RTS, Arubii is considered to be the definitive leader in interstellar travel. As one might imagine, this grants the its governing body, the Arabuli Hierarchy, considerable political and economic power. Traditionally the Arabuli have refrained from using this influence, but Queen Aerablast seems to be bucking that trend in favor of championing a number of galactic causes. As she enjoys immense popular support on Arubii, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Additional noteworthy details about the planet itself include its vast underground oceans, minimal number of surface-dwelling species, and its comparatively small population for a major race's homeworld (roughly 3 Billion). Its possession of two moons that required only minimal terraforming and the Arabuli's mastery of technology goes a long way to explain the low population density.

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