Earth, and its native Human species, had one of the more unusual entrances into the galactic community. Not the weirdest or the most troubled in galactic history, not by any means, but certainly unusual. In addition to the ground-breaking and galaxy altering existence of the Infinity Drive, was the genuine oddity of Amaril Corp. While many planets in the galaxy are governed by corporations, never before had an independent corporation not only made contact with the rest of the galaxy, but successfully been able to set itself up as the sole contact for its home planet.

It is the considered opinion of many experts that this strong-arm methodology is the only reason for the almost unnaturally smooth entrance of Earth, and humanity as a whole, into galactic trade and politics. While the Amaril Corporation was only able to hold its control of extra-solar system travel beyond the Sol System for a few short years, by then it had managed to force the various powers that be of Earth to become signatories of treaties, not with each other, but with the galactic community as a whole.

It is in this way that Earth stands today as a full member of the galactic community…without a unified government. To this day Earth is divided into a number of governmental blocks, and no one on the outside looking in is ever really entirely sure how they manage to function. As the rest of the galaxy has long accepted this as normal for anything related to Humanity, it is only rarely remarked upon.

It should be noted, that the lone exception to this lack of unity is the Sol Systems Alliance. This military and police branch is fed both manpower and funding from every major Earth, Luna, and Mars government, as well as the space habitat freeholds. It's only two purposes are to police local Sol space traffic, and defend the solar system from outside threat. As it contains some of the most powerful military ships in the known galaxy, Humanity's neighbors are frequently relieved at its strict remit and limited political influence.

Galactic Travel Warning: Visitors to the planet Earth and its colonies on the moon Luna and the planet Mars should be aware that local laws can change based on the area of your visits. Visitors, tourist and business alike, are advised to never travel the system without a competent and accredited local guide.

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