Recise IV has a somewhat dark and troubled history, though in modern days it has managed to shed at least part of its past. The planet was originally claimed by the Rashanta of the Rasine Lei colony world. Though a barren hot-world, surveys of the planet had revealed it to have high concentrations of several rare metals. The problems with mining any hot-world slowed any actual attempt to mine the planet, however, and no more than minor prototype facilities had begun operations prior to the onset of war between Rasine Lei and and the Eletheen colony world of Eleti. At first, the war increased mining activity as Rasine Lei needed the materials the planet could produce for new warships, but as the war altered to commerce raiding demand for the materials dropped. Deprived of a need for the materials, most of the facilities were on the verge of shutdown when the darker period for the planet began.

Said darker period, which ultimately stained the planet's reputation, began with the passing of the Labor Auction Law(LAL). Intended as a way to deal with the influx of Eletheen prisoners, the LAL required secure processing facilities and discrete auction blocks, and Recise IV provided. The nearly-decommissioned mining facilities were reactivated and all their output focused on the construction of a massive orbital fortress-station which would serve as a processing facility near the deadlands, giving easy access to a major processing facility for the privateer fleet.

This station, called simply Labor Processing III (LP3), was continually expanded until nearly every "laborer" taken by the privateer fleet passed through its dark halls. The station would ultimately became the single largest, known, slaver operation in the last century, and operated for decades. It was only the heroic actions of the privateer vessel Sunny Victory, in raiding the LP3 station and freeing its slaves, that the rest of the galactic community became aware of the depths to which Rasine Lei and Recise IV had fallen.

After the galactic community became involved, Recise IV finally began to see some redemption. Forced to pay major reparations to Eleti, Rasine Lei desperately sold off development rights for the rare metals of Recise IV to virtually anyone who could pay. Those rights that weren't sold were mined, with the privateer fleet being stripped and converted to crude trade vessels to carry and sell the resulting materials. Labor Processing III was renamed Ore Processing III, and repurposed as a shipping platform for the world's product. It has taken decades since that change for Recise IV to finally begin losing its shadow of darkness, becoming just another mining world.

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