Originally, the space station known as Station 7 wasn't of any particular importance. It had been designed and built by a businessman named Lewis Si'Fillian, with the intention of being both a minor trade hub and a R&R station for a collection of minor trade lanes. The station had been well positioned for moderate success, placed on the intersection of three such trade lanes, two of which were promising to become busier due to new industry and colonies made possible by the slow spread of Infinity Drive availability. With no previous trade stations in the galactic area, and a well considered selection of gambling, bars, and holosuites to supplement its trade facilities, the station promised significant return on Si'Fillian's investment.

Unfortunately for Si'Fillian, the cheap contractors he had employed for the station's construction had made a mess of the station's original construction, and whatever profit he might have made was poured back into the financial black-hole represented by the ongoing efforts to keep the station functional. It is possible that, given enough time, he might still have made the station a success. Ultimately, however, fate intervened, and not on his behalf.

During the repair process for the station's cooling system, a mid-sized breeding pod of Imeric Whales entered orbit with the station. Normally welcomed for the free power they provide ships, in the case of Station 7 their presence spelled disaster. While free power bleeding into the station's systems wasn't inherently an issue, once the station reached its maximum stored power capacity, bleeding the excess power out into space would produce considerable heat. Heat that the heavily damaged cooling systems could not safely dissipate. Only several several brilliant maneuvers by his engineering staff, led by Irene Flaxwing and including a highly paid consultant named Henry Harper, kept the station functional through the crisis.

It was at this point that the Station's fate truly took a left turn, however, as Lewis Si'Fillian panicked during the last stages of a emergency measure taken to save the station. Gunning down one of his own officers, thankfully with a stunner, he opened fire on the Imeric Whales with Station 7's primary mass driver, a powerful weapon installed for anti-pirate defense in such a relatively lawless sector of space. Due to the extreme durability of Imeric Whales, the mass driver had minimal effect and the Station immediately came under assault by the breeding pod's guardian whales.

In most cases this would have been the end of the station, and possibly every ship in the system. Imeric Whales are extremely powerful, if thankfully peaceful, creatures that only the truly foolish would engage in space-combat with. There are, in fact, records of only three successful battles with single Imeric Whales in known galactic history, and no recordings of successful engagements against multiple members of the species. It was fortunate, therefore, that their engineering consultant gambled on a second hand story he'd heard, and in doing so made successful first contact with the attacking whales. This altered Station 7's destiny yet again, as this moment became the first recorded incident of successful communication with the species.

In the aftermath of the crisis, Station 7 was seized by the sector's limited authorities, and Si'Fillain was forced to sell the Station to avoid legal action for both his assault on his weapon's officer, and his attack on a newly contacted sentient species. The station passed into the hands of a ad hoc multi-species science and diplomacy team, thrown together to manage the first-contact communication with the whale breeding pod. The new infusion of capital this brought was more than enough to see the station repaired to good working order, and it has since then served as a permanent embassy for the Imeric Whales to speak with the galaxy's other residents. It also serves as a tourist attraction, do to the continual presence of the beautiful species, and has undergone several upgrades and expansions to serve both needs.

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