One of the most well known stations in the galaxy, Trabella station also has the distinction of being the single largest space station or habitat in active use. The station was not, in fact, built at one time, or even for the intended purpose it now serves. Originally the largest single station of the Tralzeen military, it was first converted for emergency civilian housing during the final days of the 400 Year War. During the last gasps of that war the Talzeen homeworld of Tralz was rendered progressively more uninhabitable, poisoned by both the weapons used against it and those manufactured on it. Intended as a stopgap measure while the bureaucracy solved the issue of making the worst regions of their world habitable again, as the ecosystems of the planet completely failed the government was forced to throw every possible resource, including those of their conquered enemies, into expanding the space station as a new “temporary” home for their entire populace.

As additional decades passed and their species experienced a post-war population boom, they were further obligated to divert any funds from salvaging their homeworld into ever greater expansion of the station. By the time of the near disaster and partial evacuation of the Trabella that eventually drove the bureaucracy from power, the station had reached the size of a small moon and contained over three billion residents. With the slow, agonizing, changing of the guard after the disaster – a change that drew out for nearly two decades – the new government of the Tralzeen kept the space station running, but ceased adding on to it, instead focusing efforts on independent habitats so as to never endanger their entire people with a single disaster again. As a farther note, after the disaster many of the evacuee's choose not to return to the station. This eased the resource strain on the new government, as well as making Tralzeen a much more common sight for those traveling the galaxy.

Station Layers

Do to the piecemeal addition of new construction to the station, Trabella has become a labyrinth understood to only its residents. The station is roughly divided into "layers" by the age of its construction, with the outer layer always being "layer 1" and counting inwards. The constant construction, and thus relabeling of every layer, has defeated any attempt to create a truly accurate map of the station as a whole. Even now, with a more competent government having replaced the previous bureaucracy, no one is entirely certain how many layers Trabella station possesses, the exact population of the station, or how the engineering crews somehow keep the poorly mapped sections from falling apart.

Galactic Travel Warning: While conditions have improved in the last two decades, Trabella Station was, and still is, a major focus for smuggling and other crime in its sector of the galaxy. Non-natives are advised to keep to the designated tourist areas, or else to hire a local guide from a Universally Accredited agency.

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