Treseus is the only known water world with a native sentient species. The world is roughly 99.5% water, and home to the Kalopei, a water dwelling species whose reliance on that water has limited their space-development. This, however, has not limited either the species or planet in efforts to become an important part of the galactic community. A central location along a half dozen major galactic trade routes has allowed the planet two major economic opportunities.

The first, but less famous, are the massive orbital installations with both storage and offices for a number of major trading consortiums. Virtually none of these installations were built by the Kalopei, but they leased the orbital space to the traders, provided many of the materials for construction, and maintain a decently sized defensive navy to provide protection.

The second and much more famous economic boon is the planet's resorts. With the only native purely-aquatic species currently known, the planet of Treseus offers underwater development on a scale no other planet in the known galaxy could hope to match. Immense underwater cities, grand architectural wonders that would be impossible on land, and natural beauty normally not accessible to land dwellers all play a part in the massive tourist industry that Treseus is renowned for. Under the oceans of Treseus are entire cities built by the locals just for tourists, populated only lightly by the Kalopei, with a number of semi-aquatic species from elsewhere in the galaxy generally acting as well-paid guides and other service providers.

The need to build the underwater tourist cities, a defensive fleet, and to participate in the orbital building, has led the planet to be a galactic center for automation research. One notable newcomer to the planet in the last century has been the Amaril Corporation, who based a significant portion of the Valkyrie project on or above the planet. The planet was also, notably, one of the major players in pushing for A.I. rights. Likely, this was in the hope that appreciative A.I. would choose to make their planet home and aid in the running of the tourist cities. A hope that has now come to pass, with the majority of the cities being managed by a number of A.I.

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