The Aoreli are one of the most economically and militarily powerful races in the known galaxy. Prior to the induction of Humanity into the greater galactic community, the Aoreli had a solid lock on exploration in the galaxy. They were one of the very few races that could afford to build Jump Rings at a pace of two or three per year, and leveraged that fact into a sprawling trade empire. The military to protect that trade made them powerful on that front almost accidentally. Their fortunate stumble upon Humanity and its Infinity Drive technology has allowed them to push this aspect of their society even farther. Thankfully, they are a peaceful species and generally well regarded by the rest of the galaxy.

Physically they are humanoid, with skin ranging from a deep royal blue to a pale violet from individual to individual, with the most common skin tone being halfway between blue and cyan. Black eyes with green or gold irises, purple lips, and black or purple hair further represent their general coloration. They posses a universally lithe build, and are very rarely taller than 180 centimeters in height, but mass more than the height and build would indicate due to exceptionally dense muscle and bone. They are dual-gender, with fairly typical male-female mammalian differences. While they are said to most resemble Humans of all other races, there are some notable differences beyond coloration. Some of these include the possession of only three fingers and a thumb on each hand, swept-back ears, larger eyes, and a few small ridges of bone at elbow, knee, and replacing eyebrows.

Culturally, they are very focused on high-technology, family, and individuality. The later two characteristics are often in conflict, and that conflict features heavily in their entertainment. Said entertainment tends to feature mostly high-tech options, even their art having few traditional hand-created practices. They are considered the galaxy's greatest masters of holoart in virtually all forms, from simple games to live holo-theater productions.

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