Physically the Branlnchie are only vaguely humanoid. They are hairless, colored in a mix of traditional earth tones and have skin textured almost, but not quite, like tree bark. They have an average base-height of nearly 2.5 meters, and possess an extra set of limbs on their torso. It is in their deeper physiology that they truly get interesting, however, for the have a trio of unusual characteristics. First, they are the only known mobile forms of sentient plant life in the galaxy. Second, they posses a limited ability to shape shift, a trait shared by only three other known species. Third, their bodies produce an as yet unknown energy they call "patho." While they only use this energy to fuel their shape shifting, it is known to have at least some additional possible uses.

The Bralnchie people are native to the planet of Klenthe and little is known about their current culture and development. While a great deal of information is available on their highly peaceful past, the near destruction of Klenthe has changed much. As they have been contacted only once thus far, by Fredrick Saint Claire's second Transient Planet expedition, little is known about how they are adapting now that their planet may survive. Indeed, it is not currently known if the planet did survive, despite positive predictions from the scientific community. Many members of the galactic community are eager to reestablish contact, in order to learn more about them, as well as about the energy they and their planet generates.

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