The Brillian species is at the same time relatively low in population, but high in influence. Physically imposing at an average of 2.4 meters in height, with considerable strength to go with that height and possessing a lifespan best measured in centuries rather than years, the Brillian's have few physical equals in the galaxy, and none of those equals are humanoids. Coupled with a much higher average intelligence than most species, the Brillian's have the potential to be true leaders in galactic society. Thankfully, to the minds of most, a combination of very low birth rates and inability to play well with others tends to keep them from truly grasping that potential.

The reason for this relief is the society the Brillian's have built for themselves, and the low regard in which they tend to hold other species. Their extremely long lives have resulted in a glacially slow rate of change for their society, creating a hidebound and heavily stratified culture led by an equally hidebound and arrogant government. The result, on a species interaction level, is the tenancy for Brillians to treat members of any other race as little more than trained circus animals. Unsurprisingly, this does not endear them to others, and they have very few allies.

Thankfully for them, and sadly for many of their more bitter opponents who would be pleased if they didn't exist, the high average intelligence of the species combined with the gift of long years in which to gain expertise, has resulted in the Brillian people being among the foremost scientific leaders in the galaxy. They produce a higher ratio of new technology than anyone other than Humanity, and Humanity is still too new on the galactic scene to cut into the Brillian's areas of influence in a meaningful way. It is this tendency for production of new technologies that keeps the Brillian influence in the galaxy relatively high, despite a low population and very few allies.

Galactic Travel Warning: Regardless of how condescending or irritating you may find a Brillian when you first meet one, it is advised for most species to avoid physical conflict. While Brillians pride themselves on being peaceful, their size and strength make the result of any confrontation unfortunate for those that start a fight with them.

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