The Eletheen, along with the Rashanta and Aoreli, are one of the three most populous species in the galaxy. Like the Rashanta, but unlike the Aoreli, they possess a dispersed presence, rather than a centralized government. While they have fewer worlds than the Rashanta, and as such each world has a higher population and greater individual galactic influence, the connections between the governments of their various worlds are considerably more tenuous. There are multiple small trade alliances between Eletheen worlds, but each typically consists of no more than three to four worlds, and this limits their ability to influence galactic trade.

Despite this comparative lack of influence, trade is so much a part of Eletheen culture that something like 10% of all galactic shipping is handled by merchant fleets belonging to some faction of their species. As the Eletheen culture is also a highly honorable one, this state of affairs tends to be a welcome reality by the rest of the galaxy. Given that Eletheen are generally known known to be largely peaceful, preferring honest haggling to armed conflict, they are often welcome as trade partners even to the most isolationist and xenophobic of the galaxy's species. It is also the reason that many of them find themselves in service to various independent mediator and diplomatic groups, helping provide neutral arbitrators for any number of conflicts.

Physically, Eletheen are a bit off the usual galactic averages. While they are mammalian and humanoid, their gender is determined by personal choice and is often altered several times throughout their roughly three century lifespans. Additionally, unlike the smooth or furred skins that are most common in mammals, Eletheen are lightly feathered. Their existence as one of only three known mammal species to possess feathers has frustrated many scientists, but is believed to be the result of the odd fluctuations in temperature on their home planets. The brightly colored nature of the species, combined with otherwise typical mammalian features, has led to rare agreement among most humanoids that the Eletheen are attractive. Historically, this has both aided them in the expansion of their merchant culture, and hindered them by making them a favored target of the galaxy's more unsavory elements.

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