Biologically speaking, the Fligera species is among the more interesting examples of sentient life among the common races of the galactic community. While their mammalian general body structure is nothing of particular interest, they are the only known sentient species capable of a biological color shift. Indeed, they are the only mammal, period, known to be able to create this effect.

How they achieve this is even more remarkable as their famous color-shifting fur is actually a type of light-refracting natural fiber. This fiber channels the mild bioluminescence their bodies are capable of producing and uses it to create color patterns across their fur. The spectrum of color the fur takes on differs between each individual member of the species, but all are highly responsive to the emotion of the individual. In this way they act as a sort of additional language, letting those members of the species intimately familiar with each other (Such as friends or family) read one another's emotional state.

It is possible to train for conscious control of the color shift, though the individuals who take the time to learn are rare. Generally, it is restricted to those who deal with off-worlders, or who work in sales or political positions. In part, this is the result of the Fligera species having one of the most open societies in the known galaxy, with much less in the way of religious, gender, or sub-racial stigmas.

How, exactly, the original ability to color shift this way developed is sadly unknown. The Fligera race is one of the rare exceptions in the galactic community, who were found by explorers prior to their own development of space industry. They had, at the time of their discovery, only recently learned to harness electricity. As a result, records prior to a time where they were uplifted into the galactic community (courtesy mostly of the Brillian explorers who first found them) are unreliable at best, and non-existent at worse.

Aside from the obvious color-shifting fur that covers them head to toe, Fligera have a fairly typical dual gendered and humanoid body structure. Their bone and musculature is very dense, resulting in similar physical strength and build as the Aoreli, with an likewise similar elevated demand for oxygen to fuel their additional physical power. The females of the species average roughly 160cm in height, with males slightly shorter at an average of 150cm.

Do to their fairly open natures, but physical toughness, they have become a popular race for bodyguards over the centuries. They also, however, produce some of the best small electronics in the galaxy, and a few decently popular lines of merchant vessels. They have been part of the galactic community for nearly two millennia, and as such have long since become a semi-common sight in virtually all parts of known space.

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