The Gelomite race is one of only three sentient species known to have gone extinct after they achieved faster-than-light space travel capacity. Generally, once that hurdle has been overcome, it is considered highly unlikely for a race to face true extinction. In part this is on account of access to the galactic community and its combined medical technology, relief efforts, or refugee protection. This access combines with the scattering of a species that tends to occur in a post lightspeed society to create conditions that make complete extinction unlikely. The scattering among the various worlds of the galaxy tends to prevent any one extinction level event, say on any given homeworld, from wiping the entire population out. Likewise, access to the greater galactic community tends to prevent genocidal wars or natural plagues from completely decimating the population of any given species. There will virtually always be enough refugees from wars or isolated places where a plague never reached to repopulate a species in the event of mass loss of life.

Unfortunately for the Gelomites, the species as a whole possessed a near compulsive level of paranoia. As such, upon discovering the galactic community, they did not join themselves to the existing species of their day. They chose, instead, to minimize contact with any other race, isolating themselves in their own solar system. What happened to them is still something of a mystery, as they never called for help from the galactic community when they found themselves in dire straits. It was several years before enough of their minimal diplomatic correspondence was missed to create any concern, and the mission that went to cautiously visit their homeworld found only debris where their planet once was. While many theories of fantastic events have been put forward, from a large asteroid collision to an enemy species with a moon sized death ray, no proof has ever been provided for any particular theory. What's more, the species seems to have suspected doom was coming for them, as they left massive beacons filled with electronic copies of their entire collected cultural works and a complete copy of their world library. This data was made publicly available, and has resulted in a number of useful discoveries in the intervening centuries. It did not, however, say anything about what destroyed them and their world, nor did any of their interstellar vessels show up anywhere in known galactic space.

Gelomites were an insectoid species, with four legs and two manipulation arms. They stood an average of 1.7 meters in height, were colored either bright orange or blue, and possessed powerful wings that allowed them some limited flight. See a copy of the Gelomite World Library for anatomical details.

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