Even now, decades after true first contact with the species, the Imeric Whales remain a poorly understood race. Massive leviathans, the species is the single largest in the known galaxy, generally reaching 280-320 meters in length as an adult. Notably, they are also the only sentient race capable of surviving hard vacuum, and one of only three known species that can achieve that feat at all.

Considered beautiful by nearly every race that has seen them, the spaceborne titans are somehow able to naturally travel faster than the speed of light, live for centuries, and are the next best thing to indestructible. The secrets behind all of these characteristics remains unknown, despite study, as the whales themselves are not a tech-using species despite a high degree of intelligence. As a result, while they are completely willing to tell us what they know, they simply don't know anything useful toward replicating their inborn abilities.

Aside from this frustrating lack of understanding regarding their abilities, knowledge of their society, at least, has increased rapidly since first establishing communication. Previously perceived as loners who rarely traveled in more than twos or threes, it is now understood that their communication methods carry for some two or three dozen light years. The twos or threes that are observed are generally whales traveling around a central nexus within any given sector of space. There are rarely fewer than a few hundred whales following each of these patterns, and are only so infrequently observed due to the sheer size of space. What was seen as a rare race with a low population actually numbers at a minimum estimate of several million, spread throughout the galaxy. Breeding gatherings reflect this fact, as the hundreds of whales that gather at such events are usually all residents in a given sector at the time of the call, rather than traveling significant distances to attend as was previously believed.

Thankfully, given their size and near indestructibility, the species is extremely pacifistic. Given the sheer area they have to move around in, all of space, there is no need for territorial aggression. They sustain themselves primarily on solar plasma, so food needs are also a non-issue, and their species share only a single minimalist religion. With all this being true, they rarely fight save to defend themselves or their equivalent of a bar room brawl over a girl.

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