Kerilonai are a small reptilian race averaging only 1.15 meters in height and weighting an average of only 16 kilograms. This places them as one of the smallest known species to be fully sentient. While hardly stupid, the species is on the low side of galactic intellectual averages, but makes up for this fact with a clan structured society that places value on the collective rather than the individual. This group-oriented culture resulted in possession of a fairly advanced, if rather haphazard, space program already being in place when they were discovered by a Rashanta ship that was scouting for new habitable planets. Despite not having cracked either gravity manipulation or FTL travel the Kerilonai already had an impressive, if somewhat chaotic, space industry and had partially colonized the sister planet of their own homeworld.

When uplifted into the galactic community, there were some initial concerns as to their population. The colonization efforts had been driven by need for space to expand, and the species reproduces as a fantastic rate. Thankfully, however, their race has a rare ability to process environments generally toxic to most species, and as such was not direct competition for habitable planets with their neighbors. This resulted in an agreement by various species to uplift the Kerilonai, and the result surprised everyone. Not only did they not compete, but they recognized the potential issue on their own and instigated population control on their own species, leveraging their "for the good of the group" mentality to limit conflict with their new benefactors.

In the intervening two centuries since they were discovered, the Kerilonai have made themselves one of the largest producers of small parts in the galaxy. The small size of the species, high dexterity, and large population made them a perfect choice for the manufacture of thousands of items that are best made with a hands-on touch. As they actually manage to produce such goods at a much higher quality than virtually anyone else in the galaxy, the product they ship has resulted in a generally good opinion of their race throughout the galactic community. However, those who travel on their ships or visit their worlds do report some considerable size-related difficulties.

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