Physically, Rashanta are humanoid mammals with a full body covering of short fur, with colors of that fur varying widely based on the original region of the homeworld that each Rashanta's genetic line came from. While in musculature some feline origins seem present, the lack of muzzle, the presence of pointed ears that sweep back, and a tougher coating of hair on their heads results in an casual appearance often said to be more Aoreli (or Human) than catlike. Having said that, however, they do have natural agility and physical power in keeping with their more feline traits.

In the galaxy as a whole, the Rashanta are among the most common and populace species, competing for that title primarily with the Aoreli and Eletheen. It is on account of this high population that there is no single species government or star system that can be held as the single, definitive, representative or primary world of the species. Many of their colony worlds are old enough to have split from their original homeworld government long ago, and the wanderlust common to the species has resulted in additional worlds being settled without any governmental involvement at all. Known Rashanta dominant planets currently number forty three, with seventeen governments between them, though twelve of those governments are part of a greater commonwealth. It is that commonwealth that is the closest thing that the Rashanta have to a central species authority, but it has little power beyond setting economic controls and standards.

All of this diversity makes any general statements about the species prone to error. However, a few common themes do exist. Socially, the species tend to gravitate toward chosen group "families" rather than biological kin. Most Rashanta worlds are high-technology places, with substantial manufacturing bases, but have little mining capacity due to a nearly universal racial hatred for being underground. This also leads to virtually all Rashanta worlds, save for a few founded by isolationist groups, to be major trade centers in their regions of space. That trade fuels the limited but potent economic power of the Rashanta commonwealth, with various Rashanta worlds having some of the largest trade ports in the galaxy.

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