Averaging only a meter and a half in height, the Tralzeen are one of the shorter humanoid species in the galaxy, though they are notably larger then their cousins the Veraseen. While in build they resemble said Veraseen and they share the same smooth, hairless skin, Tralzeen are almost universally pale in tint, almost to the point of looking leeched of all color. Both their musculature and their nervous system is built for speed, tightly compact muscles and extremely rapid nervous system responses resulting in a physical and mental speed that more than compensates for their lack of raw size or strength. The mental speed is particularly interesting, as it is not present in the Veraseen, who are seen by the scientific community as offshoots of the Tralzeen species. It has been theorized, but never proven, that the Veraseen's telekinetic abilities permanently tie up a certain percentage of their nervous system, preventing the same speed-of-thought advantages.

It is also believed that it was this advantage, the increased speed-of-thought, that ultimately resulted in the Tralzeen victory at the end of the 400-year war they fought with the Veraseen. It was this war, as well as a hated bureaucratic government and their post-war subjugation of the Veraseen, that soured most of the galactic community to the Tralzeen as a species. With this souring, the Tralzeen species has traditionally had only a minimal impact on the overall galactic community.

That, however, is not true on a more regional scale. As a result of the destruction wrought on their planet during the 400-year war, the Tralzeen were forced to evacuate to a former military installation called Trabella Station. Originally the largest of their orbital manufacturing facilities, Trabella Station was massively expanded more than once, until eventually it reached the size of a small moon. This makes is the single largest known artificially created object in the galaxy. Its dense population and immense construction ability made it into a regional trade hub, and its poorly mapped structure created a haven for smugglers and other ne'er-do-wells.

In more recent events, a disaster on Trabella Station, resulting from a final act of Veraseen sabotage fifty years after the end of the war, nearly destroyed the station. The facts that came to light about the Tralzeen government in the aftermath resulted in a quiet revolution that toppled that government during the chaos, and the new government has made slow but significant inroads into both clamping down on the criminal element and improving their relations with other species/governments.

Galactic Travel Warning: Travelers should be aware that it is unwise to bring the relation between the Tralzeen and Veraseen species to the attention of members of either race. Though the war has been over for the better part of a century, the hard feelings brought about by four hundred years of brutal warfare does not dissipate easily. Telling them they are in any way related, even simply by biology, is a good way to start a fight with members of either species.

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