The Veraseen are smooth skinned, hairless humanoids possessing skin in a dark red or orange. Standout physical characteristics include relatively small stature (average 1.23 meters) and build, eyes that appear pupil-less, and hypermobile joints which allow extreme flexibility. More notably, the Veraseen are one of only two known telekinetic species in the galaxy. Their telekinesis is limited to small objects and mild boosts to physical strength. It is poorly understood, even by the Veraseen themselves, but appears to be a natural ability to effect EM fields on a small scale.

Historically, the Veraseen were best know for their grown crystal technology, an area of technical development dismissed by most species. Due to the low accessibility of metals on their home planet, the Veraseen developed crystal-based technology to a much higher extent than anyone else had ever even imagined, eventually basing their entire technology infrastructure upon what they learned. Sadly, most of their developments in this area were wiped out in the 400-year war between themselves and their biological cousins the Tralzeen. The Veraseen eventually lost said war, and until recently were effectively a subjugated race. The fall of the Tralzeen bureaucracy after the crisis that occurred on Trabella Station has largely freed them from Tralzeen control, though they still have a long way to go if they wish to recover their original society and repair the damage done to their homeworld.

Their relation to the Tralzeen is another thing that is poorly understood. The two species are undeniably related on a testable biological level, with the Veraseen seeming to be a offshoot of the Tralzeen race (who are slightly larger and do not posses the Veraseen's telekinesis). However, though the two solar systems housing their homeworlds are galactic neighbors, neither species have any records that indicate how they came to be separated. Theories abound, from a war that reduced their species to barbarism after colonizing another system, to wild ideas about an advanced race that engineered both groups, but there is little hard evidence for any of the theories.

Galactic Travel Warning: Travelers should be aware that it is unwise to bring the relation between the Tralzeen and Veraseen species to the attention of members of either race. Though the war has been over for the better part of a century, the hard feelings brought about by four hundred years of brutal warfare does not dissipate easily. Telling them they are in any way related, even simply by biology, is a good way to start a fight with members of either species.

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