The Albazan, of the Eletheen Space Navy, might well have been the single most feared ship of the conflict between Eleti and Rasine Lei. Whereas the Sunny Victory held the highest number of successful commerce raids on either side of the war, the Albazan held the single highest number of ship-to-ship kills.

In part, this is the result of the frigate being a slightly older model, newly put into service right as the war began. By the time the war shifted to commerce raiding, it was the only frigate of its original class still surviving, and many of the crew had served aboard through the duration. It already had impressive battle honors when the war changed gears, and its captain had refused all attempts to promote him to a larger vessel.

The resulting expertise in handling the frigate would show to deadly effect as the Albazan took on both privateers and regular pirates, adding to its kill count and swiftly becoming a near mythical predator feared by every enemy and outlaw in the badlands. It was this reputation that led to Captain Keral of the Sunny Victory approaching the frigate under truce, with his mad plan to raid the slave processing center at Recise IV.

The success of that raid, the freeing of thousands of slaves, would finally force the captain of the Albazan to accept a promotion. Though, to be fair, it was less the success of the raid and more the leverage it gave the admiralty over him. His superiors made it clear that he could either be drummed out of service for an unsanctioned operation, or accept promotion.

Even without its previous captain, the Albazan would continue to serve with distinction throughout the waning years of the war. When the war finally came to an end with the intervention of outside forces, the ship was decommissioned due to age its, and only escaped being sent to the breakers for salvage by a popular petition to turn it into a memorial for those lost during the long years of conflict.

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