The Freedom's Call, in service to the Eletheen Space Navy, began its life in in the yards of another navy entirely. The ship was originally built and christened by the Rashanta of Rasine Lei. It entered service as the Indomitable Will during the last days of the full scale naval war between Rasine Lei and Eleti. Despite being the newest and most powerful cruiser they had built, it entered service too late to engage in any proper fleet conflicts, and as the war switched the commerce raiding on both sides the Indomitable Will would be relegated to guarding positions of strategic importance.

It was in this way that the cruiser became the command ship for the Recise IV slave processing facility picket, being placed with a single additional cruiser to support the massive defenses of the station itself. Less than six months after being stationed at the system Jump Ring, Admiral Mayala was banished to the system, taking command of the Indomitable and her cohort. Some would say that this was ultimately the turning point for the cruiser's fate, resulting in pulling the ship out of anonymity and into the galactic eye.

This turning point was the result of Admiral Mayala beginning a clandestine campaign to free as many slaves as she could. Having been banished for speaking out against the "labor auctions," the Admiral decided to take more direct action, dodging assassination attempts as she built an underground railroad to rescue and deprogram as many "laborers" as she could.

Things would take several additional turns for the unexpected. The first of these turns came when the ship was seized by the efforts of the privateer crew of the Sunny Victory. Though moderately damaged in the ensuing battle with the other cruiser on station, the Indomitable was in good enough shape to haul the majority of the processing station's slaves to freedom after their rescue.

The next twist would come when Admiral Mayala's efforts to free and deprogram slaves was discovered. She and a loyal core of her crew members were honored by the government of Eleti, and offered commissions into the ESN. Many of them accepted, and were delighted to discover the Eletheen intended to rebuild the Indomitable Will. After repairs and upgrades were made to the ship, it would reenter service as the ESN Freedom's Call, still under the command of Admiral Mayala. It would go on to see action in a number of engagements, the most famous being the incident at Trabella Station, where it and other vessels of the ESN would engage the Trabella Station Defense Fleet in a delaying action.

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