Strictly speaking, the ESV Chimera is not a purely human ship, being the result of a combined Aoreli/Human think-tank put together by Jack Amaril and K'tvha Ilkorin. Regardless of this fact, however, the Chimera is likely the single most recognized ship in relation to Humanity. While those non-humans with a passing interest in history, or from species whose space borders on human territory, might recognize such ships as the Nova or Exploration, the Chimera is famous galaxy wide.

While the Chimera project produced a great many advances in everything from communications to materials science, its fame is almost completely on account of two particular galaxy-shaking advancements. The first, and slightly less critical, was the development of Ringless Jump engines, now commonly known simply as "Fold Drives." This "new" drive technology was the result of meshing Jump Ring and Infinity engine technology, and has vastly decreased exploration time and costs out in frontier space. As it also opened up trade lanes, rapid (if risky) in-system transit, and many other opportunities, many people know the name of the ship that first pioneered the technology.

Even more than the Fold Drive, however, the second advancement is what really made the Chimera a household name up and down the length and breadth of the galactic plane. This second advancement was the first known Artificial Intelligence to have ever existed.

Like many galaxy-rocking inventions, Valkyrie, the very first of her kind, was an accidental creation. Several new technologies, and new combinations of old technologies, were brought together with a new programming language and uniquely developed VIM for the purposes of the Chimera prototype ship. Some combination of factors, the exact details of which would not be understood for years to come and are still a closely guarded secret, resulted in the spontaneous creation of a true A.I. from the ship's VIM.

Originally unaware of this development, the crisis of a pirate attack on the Chimera led to the revelation of Valkyrie's unique nature. The newly revealed A.I. saved the ship from its attackers, and in the aftermath the crew conspired to allow Valkyrie to escape with the ship. This allowed her to escaped initial enslavement or destruction, and Valkyrie, the Chimera and several members of the crew were secretly sheltered by the Amaril Corporation while new laws were drafted and passed to provide a minimum of basic A.I. rights.

Despite its age, the Chimera is still in service today. Valkyrie's hardwired nature has resulted in a number of overhauls and upgrades being done to the ship to keep it in service despite both its prototype status and the slow but steady march of advancements in ship design. No one is willing to risk the accidental destruction of the very first A.I. were they to attempt to remove her.

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