The Merchant Vessel Starlight, is the lead ship of the Starlight City-Ship class. These city-ships were the very first vessels produced by Stellar Fire Enterprises for the purposes of gathering Rift energies and using that energy to create artificial stellar Rifts to distant points in space. This new means of faster-than-light travel was pioneered and tested aboard the Starlight herself, an unusual move necessitated by the sheer massive scale of the infrastructure needed to make the Rift protectors function.

While the early days of the ship were fraught with sabotage and attempted assassinations against its owner, Areina Aerablast, the eventual tests of the ship's technology were a complete success. Those early successes would drive the construction of another eleven ships of the class, and each was placed in far flung nodal trade centers of the galaxy to speed commerce between such distant regions.

The wild success and numerous opportunities that this brought Stellar Fire itself, as well as the advantages it brought the Arabuli people as a whole when Queen Aerablast ascended to their equivalent of a throne, significantly reshaped galactic trade and economic power. Because of this, it is no surprise to anyone that eventually a second class of similar ships was commissioned to extend the network. In addition to all twelve of the Starlight class ships, twenty of the Aerablast class that followed it are in service, and new hulls for a design called the Harper class have begun production.

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