The Privateer Vessel Sunny Victory, later recategorized as the Exploration Vessel Sunny Victory, has achieved a small degree of fame over its decades of operation. The ship was originally custom built to take part in the commerce raiding efforts efforts of the Rashanta colony world of Rasine Lei against their Eletheen neighbors. It's commissioner and captain, Erasmus Keral, spent all of his small personal fortune and took out a number of private loans, in order to keep the vessel's initial construction entirely independent of the Rasine Lei government. While a risky proposition, fate would prove it a wise choice. Once the vessel was written onto the official register of the Rasine Lei privateer fleet, it rapidly ascended to a position as the single most effective privateer in said fleet.

This is not, however, where the vessel gained the majority of its small fame. While it took numerous prizes, and became regionally known by both warring navies, the majority if its recognition was earned when its crew turned on the Rasine Lei government. In what is now considered the largest and most daring slave rescue since the galactic ban on the practice, the Sunny Victory raided the slave processing center in orbit of Recise IV. The raid itself, as well as the subsequent release of the former slaves into the galactic community to tell their story, would catapult the Sunny Victory to considerable popularity.

This, however, was not the goal of its crew. The Sunny Victory was refitted for exploration out on the edge of known space, and became quite well known for mapping and survey of particularly hazardous but lucrative star systems. It might have fallen out of the public's interest entirely, if not for also taking part in the the escape of a rouge engineer from Trabella Station. While the Tralzeen publicly accused that engineer of massive damage to their station, the general galactic public viewed his actions as having saved the famous station as a whole. While the engineer was not properly identified until years later, the Sunny Victory was known to be the ship that had scooped up his escape pod and fled the system.

The positive view of its actions at Trabella would bring the Sunny Victory's previous record back to the forefront of the public mind, and has resulted in something of a cult following for the ship. Numerous holovids and a series of hologames have been made about its exploits, to the continued bemusement of its crew.

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