The Research and Survey Vessel Terlian was a scout ship belonging to the Aoreli Second Fleet. This relatively small and fast ship was among a handful the Aoreli had purpose built for scouting the end points of Jump Rings newly added to the RTS network. It would serve for a number of years in that capacity, and ultimately gained some limited fame due to the holo-dramatizations made of first contact with the Human race. The Terlian, then commanded by Captain Xian'x of the Aoreli navy, was the Aoreli ship involved in the famous meeting with the Amaril Corporation's SLV Nova.

Unfortunately, while the meeting was fortuitous for many, it would ultimately spell doom for the Terlian herself. With access to Humanity's "Infinity Drive," the small class of specialized Jump Ring scout vessels to which the Terlian belonged was rapidly phased out of use entirely. The Terlian itself escaped going to the breakers for salvage, temporarily, by serving as a in-system VIP transport, but even that role was eventually replaced by newer ships. Eleven years after first contact, she would be sold to a salvage yard and rendered down to her component parts.

Many of her crew, on the other hand, would go on to hold high ranks in the Aoreli navy and diplomatic core. In particular Captain Xian'x and his executive officer Litliea would go on to serve as the High Admiral of Second Fleet and the First Secretary for Aoreli-Human relations, respectively. The ship's chief engineer Lanteen would play a critical role in early efforts to mesh Aoreli and Human technologies, working alongside Lorana Reichen for those efforts.

While the ship itself is gone, many museums on Aoreli and Human worlds contain partial or complete holo-reconstructions as part of their exhibits.

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