The SLV Bellevere is, or at least was, a Xeroteais passenger liner that was discovered by the first expedition to the Transient Planet. When their own shuttles were impounded by the planet's automated security, the expedition team resorted to a dangerous escape in a vessel they didn't fully understand. Eventually, they managed to reach an inhabited system with the stolen ship, and began studying the advanced technology aboard.

That they managed to fly the vessel at all was a miracle as much as skill, but the risk paid off in spectacular fashion once they started stripping it down. The Xeroteais race were second to none in the galaxy for technology, and the results of analyzing their work with the passenger ship resulted in major advancements in holo technology, medicine, automation, and subspace communications. It also introduced three new drive technologies, only two of which were successfully copied.

The final engine technology, the ship's FTL drive, has been a continued source of frustration for every engineer and scientist who has gained access to the ship for study. All that is truly known about the drive is that it enables extraordinarily fast FTL travel without using a Ring network or an Infinity Drive equivalent. The most successful studies have determined that its faster-than-light effects of the ship bare an extremely similar signature to those created nautrally by Imeric Whales, leaving scientists to posit the possibility that the Xeroteais species may have been successful in replicating the fast, efficient, and poorly understood travel means previously thought completely unique to the Imeric species. All attempts to reverse engineer or duplicate the drive have failed, largely due to the presence of several previously undiscovered chemical elements that are critical in the drive's construction.

At the present time, the Bellevere has largely been disassembled for study, remaining only intact enough for continued tests of its superluminal drive.

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