The SLV Elrosna is well known among diplomatic circles as a premier neutral diplomatic courier ship. Like other ships of this type, the Elrosna is used as a neutral ship with which to ferry either those diplomats and politicians whose worlds don't have dedicated diplomatic ships, or to ferry negotiators between factions that are currently openly hostile to one another. In the case of the Elrosna specifically, both types of service are offered, but ferrying between hostile groups is rare. Instead, it operates out on the rim of the known galaxy, or between the outer zones and inner, often making use of a powerful Fold Drive to either cut time off trips, or visit systems that do not have an active Jump Ring as yet.

It is the latter missions, those to destinations without Jump Rings, that have made the Elrosna the most famous. With the introduction of the infinity drive to the galaxy, the general rate of exploration into unknown space has increased substantially. As a direct result, many previously uncontacted or unknown species have been localized and slated for first contact missions. As these missions are often by multiracial groups, an independent Fold Drive equipped ship such as the Elrosna is the ideal conveyance of choice. Having served as the transport for the main element of a half dozen of these first contact missions, as well as several other high-profile negotiation missions between warring powers, the Elrosna has become recognizable to those who keep up with galactic news.

While the technical owner of the Elrosna is an Eletheen mediation service, the ship is Human built and predominately Human crewed. The ship was a custom order, built in the Sol system at the deep space shipyards near the system's asteroid belt, and it contains the most advanced Fold Drive available for public purchase along with heavy shielding and the very best in EW/ECM systems. Due to the nature of its service it is not directly armed, but it does have the capacity to carry a number of fighter craft for self-defense, though those craft are only placed aboard when a particular mission has a high potential risk of disruption via pirate attacks or similar.

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