The Super-Luminal Vessel Falcon's Eye was, along with several similar vessels, a scout ship assigned to the second Transient Planet expedition. Fredrick Saint Claire acquired it and its sister ships as surplus from the Sol Systems Alliance. The craft was from the first generation of military scouts to be equipped with "Fold Drive" technology, allowing them to make limited FTL jumps without the RTS Jump Rings.

Only minimal conversion was done to the ships, and most of their previously stripped armaments were restored with equivalents from species less worried about arming civilian vessels. The resulting scout vessels were stealthy, well armed, and heavily armored. This made them ideal for the long-range long-term expedition that would take the expeditionary teams to the other side of our galaxy.

Despite their exceptional design, excellent engineering teams and plentiful space parts, only three of seven original ships would make it back to known space in functional order. Of the ones that didn't make it, two were destroyed outright, and the remainder were damaged heavily enough that they were rendered down for additional spare parts. The Falcon's Eye itself was one of the three ships that made it back more or less intact, and is now part of a roving museum display about the newly discovered region of space.

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