The Super-Luminal Vessel Nova enjoys some moderate fame in the galaxy. Under ordinary circumstances, details like the name of a vessel involved in first contact are only of interest to the pair of species making that contact. While encountering new space faring races isn't an everyday occurrence, it is generally only remarkable enough to make galactic headlines for a few short days, and the name of the contacting vessels may never be mentioned at all, or only mentioned off-hand.

Like in most things, however, Humanity doesn't do things normally, by galactic standards. Their entry into the galactic community was so spectacular, and the new FTL technology they brought with them so attention grabbing, that the story of first contact between them and the Aoreli riveted the attention of the galactic community for months. This prolonged attention, aided and abetted by the rather thrilling rescue of an the crew of an Aoreli science cruiser, propelled the Nova to a modest degree of fame.

As virtually everyone was interested in the Nova's FTL systems, this trend of fame continued in the background for some years, and was eventually capitalized upon by a well received holo-dramatization of the events. Whereas most such dramatizations of first contacts would have been of interest only to the new species, the splash Humanity made on entry into the galactic community drove the hole-drama to considerable galactic success. This, of course, enhanced the fame of the ship which played such a critical roll in events.

As for the ship itself, the Nova was the newest and fastest ship in the Amaril Corporation's fleet at the time of first contact, and would serve for several additional years after first contact. Whereas many of Humanity's ship designs were rapidly rebuilt or mothballed in order to take advantage of the new technologies galactic trade had made available, the Nova and its sister ships of the Nova class were sufficiently advanced to serve virtually unmodified, mostly as scouts and diplomatic envoys.

Eventually, the Nova itself was retired and turned into an orbital museum, but some of the later hulls of the Nova class are still in service today. Those handful of ships have, of course, been heavily upgraded, and are mostly in use as exploration vessels, pushing back the edge of known space.

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