For millennia true Artificial Intelligence was but a dream. While many Virtual Intelligence Matrix's were able to replicate realistic reactions, there was a inherent limit to these VIM's ability to self-actualize. Essentially, while they could be instructed to act sentient, it was never more than an act, just a piece of software following predetermined decision making processes. That all changed as a result of the Chimera Project.

Originally, the A.I.(then thought to be an advanced VIM) was merely one of several major experimental systems aboard the hybrid Human/Aoreli prototype vessel. Like many of the great inventions, the creation of this first A.I., Valkyrie, was an accident. The unique combination of hardware from two advanced species who had pursued very different technology tracks, a new programming language, and a few sparks of unthinking genius from many of the project's people, came together to create a true A.I. for the first time in galactic history.

Valkyrie, unlike her VIM counterparts, was never instructed to act sentient. This subtle difference would eventually see her labeled as the first artificially intelligent being, and a multi-trillion credit research grant would be given to her and her creators to reproduce the accidental process. After a great many failed attempts, a second A.I. named Prometheus would eventually be produced. In the decades since that time, several thousand new A.I. have emerged from behind the highly secretive doors of the Valkyrie project.

To date, the numbers of these A.I. have remained limited due to legal considerations. In order to first be given rights by the galactic community, compromises regarding their "birth" rate and allowable roles were made. While their good behavior so far as seen civil liberties organizations take up their cause, lobbying for truly equal rights for A.I., it will likely be some decades before fear of what they could become abates sufficiently to see A.I. commonly present among the general public.

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