Over the course of known galactic history, Electronic Warfare and its Countermeasures has seen a cyclical pattern of importance. While it has nearly always been present in some form, the realities of communication and navigation in space leading to unavoidable vulnerabilities, generally it only enjoys prominence during periods where breakthroughs in hardware or software rendered previous countermeasures obsolete. Even then, defense manufacturers scramble as fast as possible to close new holes on military hardware, leaving it mostly a traditional tool of pirates and privateers.

While this truth has not completely altered in recent years, the creation of true A.I. and their inherent ability to outperform any programmed platform has brought a great deal of new focus to the area. Where once it was possible for any civilian vessel to purchase ECM modules that would keep even the galaxy's most powerful militaries out for hours, in the post-Valkyrie project galaxy that sort of hardware and software is ruinously expensive. Thankfully, there has been no known case of an A.I. going rouge, or working for a criminal element. However, breakthroughs in the physical hardware needed for an A.I. have carried over into military EW platforms.

In some ways this new state of affairs has been a boon to police and military forces the galaxy over, making it much easier to seize and impound ships that have violated the law or a sovereign system's territorial space. On the other hand, pirates have begun making use of the new EW warfare as well, and most merchant shipping can no longer afford countering hardware capable of keeping the pirates out of their systems. This has led to a rash of fringe merchants deliberately removing themselves from traffic control nets and similar common vulnerabilities, attempting to claim damaged hardware to port authorities. Most reputable ports have, in reaction, been forced to deny any ship claiming such damage entry until repairs can be arranged.

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